Beer : Barrel : Time

Year: 2019   |   ABV: 15%   |   Release Date: 00/00/19

Side Project Brewing is excited to announce the 2018 release of our non-adjunct, Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout that focuses on three key things that really exemplify Side Project – the Beer we brewed, the Barrels that beer aged in and the Time spent in those barrels.


The barrel stock we tasted through to choose the 2018 BBT blend is the exact same stock that we pull from for the Derivations and all of our stouts. We have brewed 12 different stout recipes, aged them in a variety of barrels, and then always thoughtfully selected and blended to achieve our goals, whether it be Beer : Barrel : Time, a new blend of Derivation or the Barrel-Aged Stouts by Shared.

For Beer : Barrel : Time 2018, we chose a blend of our stout recipes that consisted of O.W.K. aged in Willett Bourbon barrels for 20 months, … (Ellipses) aged in Heaven Hill barrels for 23 months and Derivation Blend #3 aged in Knob Creek barrels for 17 months. Whereas BBT 2017 spent a little less time in barrel, the additional average age for the 2018 blend let the rich chocolate and sweet coconut notes of the beer and oak come forward a bit more, resembling some of the older, non-adjunct Derivation Blends.

Beer : Barrel : Time is planned to be a yearly release that will happen every Thanksgiving weekend. It will always be no adjunct purity! Read on to discover how you can purchase your bottle of Side Project Beer : Barrel Time 2018.


Available for pickup at
The Side Project Cellar or Side Project Brewery