Saison du Fermier Blend # 5 Release Details & Fermier Day 2019!


On Sunday, July 14th, in the Side Project Brewing Tasting Room, we are going to be releasing Saison du Fermier Blend #5 to-go and for on-site enjoyment during our annual Fermier Day! Also, we will be introducing Cassis du Fermier Blend #2 and Abricot du Fermier Blend #4 for on-site enjoyment! (both to be released to-go on a later date!)

We will also be pulling out several variants of Saison du Fermier as well to kick off the return of some of our favorite du Fermiers. These will be available for on-site enjoyment at the Brewery for Fermier Day:

Oude Fermier Blend #1 (bottled 4/2014)
Oude Fermier Blend #2 (bottled 9/2016)
Framboise du Fermier Blend #2 (bottled 4/2018)
Quetsche du Fermier Blend #2 (bottled 3/2018)
Bleuet du Fermier Blend #1 (bottled 2/2016)
Saison du Fermier Blend #3 (kegged 3/2015)
Saison du Fermier Blend #4 (kegged 6/2017)
Saison du Fermier Blend #5 (kegged 4/2019)
Saison du Fermier from Pinot Noir Puncheons Blend #1 (bottled 6/2016)
Saison du Fermier from Pinot Noir Puncheons Blend #2 (bottled 12/2017)
Saison du Fermier from Pinot Noir Puncheons Blend #3 (bottled 12/2018)
Abricot du Fermier Blend #4 (bottled 4/2019)
Cassis du Fermier Blend #2 (bottled 4/2019)
Pêche du Fermier Blend #2 (kegged 6/2018)
Kriek du Fermier Blend #1 (kegged 3/2017)

After several years of waiting, we are very excited to be able to once again share Saison du Fermier with you. For the 5th blend and release of our flagship Missouri Saison, new to us French Oak Chardonnay barrels were selected and then filled with our Fermier wort. We inoculated these barrels with a blend of yeast and our Missouri cultures to ferment and age to maturity entirely in oak. This barrel-fermented Saison expresses that subtle characteristics of our house cultures in a very Chardonnay-like way. Soft and round with notes of vanilla meringue, almonds, and a gentle, bright Side Project finish.  

I couldn't be happier with how Saison du Fermier has progressed and aged over the years and I am excited to dig into our library of aged variants to share this weekend. 

Saison du Fermier Blend #5, Abricot du Fermier Blend #4, and Cassis du Fermier Blend #2 will be available for on-site enjoyment Sunday at the Brewery and will continue to be available for on-site enjoyment the following week at The Side Project Cellar. Abricot du Fermier Blend #4 and Cassis du Fermier Blend #2 are scheduled to have a to-go releases in the near future and we will post when we have an official date to announce. Thanks again for your love and support of our small niche brewery and we hope that you enjoy one of our favorite events of the year - Fermier Day!

Cory and Karen King

To-Go Release Details: Side Project Längst Blend #2 - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Adambier


Side Project Brewing is excited to announce the release of Längst Blend #2. Here’s a little info about this unique beer from Brewer Cory King:

I’ve always been a lover of malty, low bitterness beers so the Adambier, although rare, has always intrigued and inspired me. When I began Side Project and had the ability to brew whatever I wanted, I chose the Adambier for Längst early on to add to our rotation of Spirit Barrel-Aged Beers. 

Längst was first brewed exclusively for and named by The Wine and Cheese Place in St. Louis. Conceptualized after researching, learning and drinking as many examples of the style as I could, I developed a recipe that I felt represented this traditional style, but also had the Side Project thumbprint on it. A little bigger, more robust, while allowing the barrel to be the star and conditioning to a very mild carbonation level, Längst represents our interpretation of this old-world beer. 

For Längst Blend #2, the recipe consisted of 7 malts and was then fermented with a rich, fruity yeast strain. We then aged the beer in Bourbon Barrels until the notes of dried dark fruits, wet leather, peat, caramel and barrel created a harmonious experience. After 18 months in Bourbon barrels, we allowed Längst to condition for an additional 3 months before confirming that it is ready to share with you. 

I am very excited to have this beer back and to have bottles that we are able to release to go. With this batch, we are also going to try a new release method (we are going to allow proxies!) to fairly and easily spread one of our Spirit Barrel-Aged examples to as many people as possible.

So! Similar to how you purchase Beer : Barrel : Time, we are going to have an online sale for Längst Blend #2, but we’re going to try a couple different things that will hopefully make the beer easier to purchase and pick up. 


Purchasing Details:

1.    To-Go Side Project Längst Blend #2 is a 750ml bottle for $40 + tax. You must be 21 years old to purchase. We will check your valid photo ID when you pick up. 

2.    Bottles of Längst will be available to purchase TO GO via our web site only. The bottles will go live in our online shop: Saturday, June 8th, between 10am and 10:15am Central Time. We will Instagram and Tweet from @SideProjectCell when the shop is live. 

3.    You are allowed to purchase up to TWO BOTTLES TOTAL per person. If you purchase more than two bottles, all of your purchase will be refunded. Make sure there is only 1 or 2 bottles in your cart at checkout!

4.    We are going to offer a full weekend to full weekend of pick-up days so several options to pick up! You will purchase one of the following options based on where and when you’d like to pick up your 1 or 2 bottles of Längst:

  • CELLAR Friday, June 28th, 1pm to 11pm

  • CELLAR Saturday, June 29th, 1pm to 11pm

  • BREWERY Saturday, June 29th, 12pm to 7pm

  • BREWERY Sunday, June 30th, 12pm to 7pm

  • CELLAR Tuesday, July 2nd, 3pm to 10pm

  • CELLAR Wednesday, July 3rd, 3pm to 10pm 

  • CELLAR Friday, July 5th, 1pm to 11pm

  • CELLAR Saturday, July 6th, 1pm to 11pm

  • BREWERY Saturday, July 6th, 12pm to 7pm

  • BREWERY Sunday, July 7th, 12pm to 7pm

    All of the 10 time slots are already loaded into our online shop . They are currently listed as “Sold Out,” but I thought it might be beneficial to look at all the options beforehand and figure out which place & time is going to work best for you.

5.    If the beer cannot be picked up by the purchaser, we are going to allow proxies for Längst pick ups. If you cannot be there to pick up your beer, please forward your email confirmation to your proxy. We will not let anyone pick up beer that isn’t theirs without an email confirmation. Your proxy also needs their valid photo ID to pick up your beer. And yes, one proxy can pick up for multiple people.

6.    There is no physical “ticket.” After you successfully make your purchase, you and Side Project will receive an email confirmation with your name. All you need to pick up your Längst is your valid photo ID that matches the Längst purchaser name at the appropriate location on the appropriate day. If you end up needing to use a proxy, your proxy must have your email confirmation as proof you gave them permission to pick up your beer. We will also need to see your proxy’s valid photo ID.

7.    Purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable and must be claimed on the date and place specified.  

8.    Beer must be picked up at the location and on the specified date you chose. You cannot purchase a Cellar pick up and pick up your beer at the Brewery because the Brewery will NOT have your name on their pick up list. If you find out that you cannot pick up your beer at the time and place you purchase, you can use a proxy as stated above. 

9.    If you or your proxy fail to pick up your Längst, you are forfeiting your bottle(s). Any unclaimed bottles not picked up will be used for charitable donations, raffles or auctions by Side Project Brewing. 

Extra Notes:

We plan to have Längst Blend #2 available for on-site enjoyment during the pick-up dates as well!

The Side Project Cellar will be closed Thursday, July 4th, so there are no Längst pick ups on that day. 

If you have any additional questions, please email Thank you! 


The Side Project Brewing Team

Thicket Blend #2 Release - Saturday, May 4th at The Side Project Cellar and Side Project Brewing


It's crazy to think it has been more than 4 years since we released our favorite blackberry beer - Thicket. Outside of Fuzzy, Thicket has become our most popular and most asked about, fruited, Missouri Wild Ale. We are excited to announce that the second blend is now ready and we will be sharing it as both a to-go release and for on-site enjoyment starting Saturday, May 4th at open at both The Side Project Cellar and our Brewery location.

The first blend of Thicket started more than 5 years ago, a beer that was a blend of “Flanders - Inspired”, Missouri Wild Ales that were aged in red wine barrels with Missouri Blackberries. For Blend #2, we chose a blend of not only our “Flanders - Inspired” red beer, but also used a touch of our French Oak Foedre Beer, a beer that lays the base for Fuzzy, and has been aging via a solera method for more than 5 years now. This blend was then moved to Missouri Oak and aged atop more than 3000 lbs of Oregon blackberries from our friends at Decker Farms. The blend and the blackberries were combined in April of 2018 and allowed to re-ferment for almost a year before being bottle-conditioned prior to this release day.

The first blend was one of our most attended release days ever, so for Blend #2, we want to make sure that we are set up to recreate a great day of not only beer, but also food and bottle sharing. So, for the big day, we are going to shut down our parking lot and create a better space for all of those attending to bottle share until the tasting room opens at 12pm. Hopefully, the weather will be great! We will also have Bolyard’s Meat and Provisions here serving up food to keep everyone happy. The release will start at noon at The Brewery and at 1pm at The Side Project Cellar. Bottles will once again be $20 per and allocations will be set based on turnout. 

Thanks again to all of you reading this for your continued support and love of our tiny, niche brewery. We are very excited to have this beer back and hope to see you on May 4th. 


Tête de Cuvée Vintage 2016


On Sunday, April 14th, we are pleased to release the 2016 Vintage of Tête de Cuvée. This is the third release of a beer that we blend from some of our finest and oldest barrel-aged Missouri Saisons and exemplifies the pinnacle of our Blended Saisons. Named after the top of the range of a specific house or grower’s champagnes, our Tête de Cuvée showcases our best barrels, blended purposefully for quality over quantity.

For Tête de Cuvée Vintage 2016 we selected and blended the following barrels:

Oude Fermier - fermented in and aged in a neutral French Oak barrel since 9/28/16
Oude Fermier - fermented in and aged in a Chardonnay French Oak barrel since 10/18/16
Oude Fermier - fermented in and aged in a White Burgundy French Oak barrel since 12/28/16

We spent a lot of time tasting through our barrels of Oude Fermier (our spelt Missouri Saison - Saison du Fermier - that sees extended aging time in oak), trying to construct what we wanted this blend to taste like. We drew inspiration from Blend #1, for its billowy, layered and expressively nuanced palate experience, and from my favorite Grand Cru Chardonnays from Burgundy, for their soft, round, delicate oak, lively acidity, and luscious mouthfeel. As with the previous releases of Tête de Cuvée, we blend this beer to enjoy now or to age gracefully for years to come.

Tête de Cuvée Vintage 2016 was bottled in early August of 2018 and has been bottle conditioning now for 8 months before we have decided it is ready to share. Bottles will be $40 each, the allocation will be 1 bottle per person and a valid ID must be presented. We will have bottles of Tête de Cuvée Blend #1, Vintage 2015 and Vintage 2016 available for on-site enjoyment as well, to accompany the to-go release.

It is truly a joy to blend this beer, in its limited quantity, each time trying to exceed our expectations and trying to provide you with a truly new and unique experience with what our beer can be. The following that Tête de Cuvée has accomplished is humbling and we would like to thank each and every single one of you for allowing us to produce beers like this, beers that define who we are and what the new American farmhouse-inspired breweries are allowed to achieve. Cheers to the release of Vintage 2016 and we hope that you enjoy this beer, one that has been more than 2 years in the making.

Cory King

  • PARKING - Due to the number of people that we expect, our small brewery parking lot will be closed to make room for everyone to enjoy their morning. Being that it is a Sunday, there will be plenty of free, public parking available around the brewery and there is a huge free lot right next to The Side Project Cellar at 7373 Marietta Ave. Please park legally and then join us at 7458 Manchester for the release.

Side Project Imperial Stout aged in 2 Rye Whiskey Barrels & Blended with Coffee beans from 5 Local Roasters on 3/30!


This Saturday, March 30th, BOTH The Side Project Cellar and the Brewery Tasting Room will be tapping a delicious Side Project Imperial Stout aged in two Rye Whiskey Barrels + that base beer blended with different coffee beans from five local St. Louis roasters! It’s always fun for people to decide which coffee bean works best with the beer and to pick your favorites! Here’s the tapping schedule:

AT OPEN: Side Project Omega : Barrels 127 & 128 (Tapping at 12pm at Brewery, 1pm at Cellar)

This is the Base Imperial Stout for all beers below. The base beer will be tapped at Open at both locations, so tapped at our 12pm Open at the Brewery Tasting Room and at our 1pm Open at The Side Project Cellar. This year, it is a blend of Barrels 127 & 128, which is one of our Imperial Stout recipes that was used to create Shared Barrel-Aged Coconut Vibes and Side Project Derivation Blend #11. It is brewed with 7 different malts and fermented with a blend of yeast strains and was aged in Rittenhouse Rye Barrels for 18 months before being used for this project. 15% ABV

1pm at both locations: Kicking off the day with our neighborhood Maplewood roasters:

SP Omega : Barrels 127 & 128 - La Cosecha Guatemala Rio Ocho

SP Omega : Barrels 127 & 128 - Foundation Grounds Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

2pm at both locations: SP Omega : Barrels 127 & 128 - Blueprint Finca Tamana (Colombia)

3pm at the Brewery: SP Omega : Barrels 127 & 128 - Kaldi's Rwanda Dukunde Kawa

3pm at The SP Cellar: SP Omega : Barrels 127 & 128 - Kaldi's Peru Rutas Del Inca

4pm at the Brewery: SP Omega : Barrels 127 & 128 - Sump Brazil Minas Gerais

4pm at The SP Cellar: SP Omega : Barrels 127 & 128 - Sump Kenya Gatuya

We are gathering the regions, bean tasting notes, etc... for each coffee bean so you'll be able to compare the beers with information about each bean! Cory got a little too excited at Sump and Kaldi’s this year and chose TWO different beans from each of them, so The SP Cellar and Brewery Tasting Room will have different coffee beans on draft for the Sump blend and Kaldi’s blend.

We'll see you this weekend! You do NOT need tickets to visit The Side Project Cellar or Brewery tasting room. You can purchase each stout separately. Please note both the Brewery tasting room (Open 12-7pm) and The Side Project Cellar (Open 1-11pm) are open regular business hours this Saturday. 

And thank you for a great Dieu du Ciel! Péché Day on Sat, March 23rd! Due to our commitment to Péché Day, we are celebrating the Maplewood Coffee Crawl one week late this Sat, March 30th.

Thank you!