More X's! More Z's! release details. A collaboration with our dear friend Tim Clifford of Sante Adairius Rustic Ales.


I have been lucky to make some great friends in this wonderful industry that I work in. Had it not been for this industry, for the travel and the festivals, and for a mutual appreciation of the art of brewing, I may have never met some of my dearest friends. Tim Clifford is one of these gentlemen. 

As some of you might have noticed, now that we have our own brewery, we have been able to invite our friends to St. Louis to visit, to share some time with us, and also make some wort. My philosophy for collaborations has always been to work with friends, not breweries, so we get to make an excuse to spend time together as people and do what we do best, all of the while learning, experiencing and sharing. So far, we have brewed with Ryan of Angry Orchard, Brad of Jackie O's, Andy, Martin and Kevin of 4 Hands, Doug of Cycle, Corey of 3 Sons, Trevor of de Garde, Jeppe of Evil Twin, and most recently, Tim of Sante Adairius Rustic Ales. 

With Tim, we discussed our brew over some drinks while in Vermont. Lots of belly laughs, silly jokes and nonsense later, the decision was made to make two beers instead of one! The second of our collaborations is currently aging in oak and will be released when it is ready, but the first is a West Coast inspired IPA called More X's! More Z's!.

Everyone that knows Tim knows how much he loves his hops. One of his IPA brewing philosophies is actually tattooed on his wrist. Using the core of his philosophy as a starting point, we brewed this Double IPA with a heavy influence of the processes that Tim uses. Compared to our processes with the beers we have brewed under the Shared umbrella, we used a larger amount of hops in the kettle, we allowed Tim to pick the hops and yeast, but we stuck with our whirlpool regimen and chose a malt bill more familiar to us to fully form a collaborative union in this can. 

We combined an old school way (one dry hop addition) with a much newer school way (huge dry hop amount) for More X's! More Z's!. We used a simple malt bill to let the Amarillo, Simcoe and Mosaic hops shine and fermented with the clean Chico Ale strain. Being that neither Tim nor I have or use a filter and neither of us use finings in our hoppy beers, More X's! More Z's! pours with a nice haze, to prove that not all hazy IPAs have to be "East Coast"! We then tied this whole thing together with an inside joke printed on the bottom of the can that reads #sexxxyboizzz...

We hope that you enjoy the beer that resulted from several amazing days of a visiting friend. We had a great time completely changing up our hoppy beer brewing and learning some things from one of the best. 

We will be tapping More X's! More Z's! at 4 pm on Friday, October 6th at The Side Project Cellar for a little draft preview! Cans will be available to-go starting Saturday at both locations. 

Thanks again for reading about one of our beers and hope that you enjoy our first West Coast inspired IPA brewed in collaboration with Tim Clifford of Sante Adairius Rustic Ales! 

Cory King 


Zwanze Day Raffle raises $9,525 for Friends of Kids with Cancer


Thank you to our amazing Zwanze Day attendees! Because of your generous donations at our raffle table, we raised $9,525 for Friends of Kids with Cancer! Thank you so much for supporting this wonderful local organization. 

And thank you to Monkish, Crooked Stave and Jester King for helping us raise the money with their amazing beers! And a shout out to our All Star volunteers Adrienne and Ed for working hard running that raffle table all day at Zwanze Day!


For more information about FOKWC:


Fencerow Blend #3 : Release Details for Oct. 14th and 15th


Over the years, Fencerow has been one of the smallest releases of any of our 375mL fruited beers. It started with a call from a friend of the family in my old hometown in southeast Missouri of Puxico. She had a Fencerow on her property that was covered with wild Black Raspberries, a fruit that I had always wanted to work with.

For the first release of Fencerow, 3 years ago, I was able to pick 60 lbs of wild Black Raspberries. I added them to a single barrel of a Blond Missouri Wild Ale that was fermented entirely with the microflora that had also come from Puxico Missouri. This netted about 300 375mL bottles, a tiny release! Fresh, Fencerow Blend #1 was rich and vibrant, but with time, the fruit was no match for the acidity of our Side Project cultures. For the second release, I knew that I wanted more fruit!

For the second release, I wanted to make a larger batch with a lot more fruit, but I was only able to only get 180 lbs of the Black Raspberries from Puxico. The joys of local wild berries! So, I decided to make 2 oak barrels worth, both fruited with 90 lbs and refermented in another Blond Missouri Wild Ale. The added fruit balanced the acidity wonderfully, but I still felt like it needed more fruit! The 2 barrels worth even produced more bottles to share with everyone and Fencerow quickly became a favorite amongst a lot of you. 

It has been 2 years now since the last release of Fencerow for one main reason, I needed to source more Black Raspberries to get the fruit levels where I had always wanted them and to make enough of this beer to actually have a to-go release. During this time, I have also enjoyed moving our fruited 375mL series to fruiting levels that express the complexities of the fruit, their luminous colors and their fermented flavors, so I decided to reach out to Decker Farms in Oregon to meet my ridiculously high needs for these beautiful berries. 

For the third release of Fencerow, we sourced 4000 lbs of Black Raspberries from Oregon and added them to a blend of 90% Missouri Wild Ale that had been aging in oak for more than 2 years and 10% Saison du Fermier. Although both our Missouri Wild Ales and Saison du Fermier are fermented with our local microflora, Saison du Fermier always showcases a bolder, spicier Brettanomyces character and a more refined acidity. With our new brewery, and increased capacity, we now have options like this for honing in our blends and refining all aspects of our process. The more subtle Saison du Fermier should allow for the Brettanomyces to soften our acidity and increase the aging capability of this heavily fruited Missouri Wild Ale. 

After refermenting on the Black Raspberries for several months, Fencerow was blended back with a touch of mature, un-fruited beer and then bottled and naturally conditioned in both the bottles and the kegs. 

On the weekend of October 14th and 15th, we will be releasing the 375mL bottles of Fencerow Blend #3 to-go. We are going to divide the batch up and release a portion of the bottles on both days, to allow everyone, both locals and out-of-towners, an easier opportunity to enjoy our beer! By spreading out the bottles and the release over 2 days at The Brewery, we also hope to alleviate some of the load on our tasting room and create a better, more enjoyable environment for everyone! Bottles will be available to-go starting at noon on October 14th at The Brewery and 1pm at The Side Project Cellar. On October 15th, the rest of the batch will be available to-go starting at noon at The Brewery again. 

Bottles will be $20 per and the allocations per person will be based on the number of people that turnout on both Saturday and Sunday. Bottles will be available for on-site enjoyment at both The Brewery and The Side Project Cellar starting the 14th as well! 

Thanks again for reading about one of our beers and your continued love of our niche brewery...

Cory King



Zwanze Day 2017 Updates & Reminders!

Zwanze 2017 Artwork Jpg.jpg

Zwanze Day 2017 Updates & Reminders!

(All Zwanze Day tickets are Sold Out.)

The Brewery Tasting Room is Closed to the Public Sat, Sept. 23rd. We will be OPEN regular hours 12pm to 7pm Sun, Sept. 24th! 

The Side Project Cellar is also Closed on Sat, Sept. 23rd. The SP Cellar is OPEN regular hours 1pm to 11pm Fri, Sept. 22nd!


Here’s some info about the Cantillon Zwanze 2017 beer from Jean Van Roy:

“As you know already this year the Zwanze is dedicated to my son Sylvain and we have chosen to mix tea with Lambic.
Sylvain was asking for a fruity tea and, after a nice tasting, we chose a semi fermented blue tea, Feng Huang Dan Cong.

From a cold infusion, I used leaves with a one and two years old Lambic blend.
The result is well balanced. Smell is close to a fruity Lambic with more dryness. 

The first sip is fruity, the astringency coming later reminds the tea with a very long lingering finish.

The beer evolves very fast in the glass, you can advise your customer to let it breath a little to have an idea of the taste evolution.”



DATE: Saturday, Sept. 23rd, 2017

TIME: 12pm to 5pm

(Check in begins at 11:30am, Beer starts flowing at 12pm.)


WHERE: The Parking Lot of Side Project Brewing: 7458 Manchester Road in Maplewood. There will be Zwanze fun going on inside & outside!

FOOD VENDORS: Our Maplewood neighbors Bolyard’s Meat & Gus’s Fried Chicken will be offering food from 12 to 4pm or until they run out!

-       Food is NOT included in the price of the ticket. Food will be available for purchase (Cash or Credit).



-       Bring a valid photo ID for entrance to Zwanze Day. The purchased ticket name must match the name on your photo ID. (There is no emailed or physical ticket - just bring your photo ID!)

-       There is not a bottle share before, during or after Zwanze Day. No outside alcohol is permitted at Side Project Brewing on Zwanze Day. And no alcohol is ever permitted on the public sidewalks of Maplewood so please do not plan to bottle share before Zwanze Day. You will be able to drink amazing beer from 12 to 5pm!

-       The Friends of Kids with Cancer Raffle is Cash Only! Raffle tickets can be purchased for $5 each and 100% of the money raised benefit FOKWC. You are welcome to purchase as many raffle tickets as you want – it’s for a great cause! Must be present to win. Raffle winners will be announced at 4:45pm. We have some incredible magnums & other sizes to raffle off this year! More info about this great St. Louis organization is available here:

-       Only folks who purchased a Zwanze Day 2017 Ticket will be permitted in the event. Using a Designated Driver is a wonderful idea, and we invite you to do so! But please have your designated driver enjoy his or her afternoon elsewhere and come pick you up later. We also encourage ticket purchasers to use Uber, Lyft or any taxi service. Be Smart!

-       It looks like it’s going to be HOT! Eeek! Please drink lots of water and wear sunscreen! Water bottles are A-OK to bring in and we’ll have cold kegged water available to drink. The celebration will be going on outside and inside!

-       PARKING: Parking will not be available in the Side Project Brewing parking lot due to the outdoor set up. Please do NOT park in our neighbors’ private lots and use the public parking provided by the wonderful City of Maplewood. Do not park in the CVS parking lot or any other private parking lots. The large public parking lot right next to The Side Project Cellar is available, and only about 1.5 blocks from Side Project Brewing!

The following will be available to purchase behind our tasting room bar:

o   Our new Zwanze 2017 shirts designed by Tim Bottchen! (Unisex sizes XS – 3XL)

o   Additonal Zwanze 2017 glassware

o   The “everyday” Side Project merch will be available too

o   To-Go Side Project & Shared beer will be available for purchase!

-       If you break your Zwanze Day glass, you will be given a plastic cup. You are welcome to purchase a new glass if you choose to.

-       Remember that appropriate “beer festival” etiquette is expected at our Zwanze Day 2017 Celebration.

-       Still have a question? Please direct your inquiry to




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The Side Project Cellar & Side Project Brewing are honored to be hosting Cantillon Zwanze Day 2017! And we are so excited for you to join us on Zwanze Day! Thank you!

Pulling Nails Blend #7 - Releasing to-go at both locations on September 2nd.


Pulling Nails is labeled as "an ongoing experiment in the art of blending to create sour and wild ales of extraordinary depth, complexity and balance".

From the onset of the Pulling Nails "series", these have been some of my favorite beers to produce. As with any good sour, funky, wild barrel aged brewery, the only way to continue to move forward, to learn, to create complexities and to create a true identity for our beers is to become great at understanding our beers, how they work to gather and how to blend to a superior state where 1 + 1 = 3. 

As with every Pulling Nails Blend, I started with a blank slate for Blend #7, no distinct direction in which I wanted it to go, just walking through our barrel room discovering barrels that were mature, complimentary and intriguing.  

Blend #7 is a step back toward a traditional flavor profile that is deep, rich, and undeniable Side Project. Blend #7 is the union of a beer that was fermented in and aged in Chardonnay barrels for more than 2 years on Missouri Chardonel grapes and several MIssouri wild ales that were aged for 3 years before being blended and naturally conditioned in the bottle. 

The Missouri Chardonel grape is one of my favorite white wine grapes grown locally and is one that I have used before (Blanc de Blancs). Its luscious, yet inviting, yet powerful enough to withstand our cultures and long term aging in oak. The base beer that was brewed to be aged with these grapes was a classic combination of Pilsner, Wheat and Oats. This thread makes up 42% of the blend. 

The rest of the blend consists of several Missouri Wild Ales, all of which were aged in oak for 3 years, some of which were barrel fermented as well. They were all interpretations of a Pilsner and Wheat malt bill, all inoculated with our Missouri cultures, but in different ways, at different times and sometimes with other families of microflora, trying to coax new experiences and to actually serve as building blocks for what I knew would one day be a Pulling Nails Blend.

Blend #7 was bottled 2 months ago and naturally conditioned in the bottle until is was ready to share with you. It is reminiscent of PN2 and PN4 with a definitive vinous character from the Missouri Chardonel grapes. Plenty of Brettanomyces influence suggests that it should age as well as previous Pulling Nails Blends and it is tied together with the signature Side Project acidity on the palate at its current state. 

Bottles will be available to-go and for on-site enjoyment at both The Side Project Brewery at 7458 Manchester Road in Maplewood and at The Side Project Cellar at 7373 Marietta Ave., also in Maplewood when they open on Saturday, September 2nd.

Bottles will be $35 to-go and allocations will be based on the number of people that show up.

Both locations will also have bottles of La Ruche, SpontanFermier and Bière du Pays available to-go and updated lists for on-site enjoyment bottles. 

Thank you once again for your support of our niche beers and see you tomorrow at one of the locations for some Pulling Nails Blend #7!

Cory King