Thicket Blend #2 Release - Saturday, May 4th at The Side Project Cellar and Side Project Brewing


It's crazy to think it has been more than 4 years since we released our favorite blackberry beer - Thicket. Outside of Fuzzy, Thicket has become our most popular and most asked about, fruited, Missouri Wild Ale. We are excited to announce that the second blend is now ready and we will be sharing it as both a to-go release and for on-site enjoyment starting Saturday, May 4th at open at both The Side Project Cellar and our Brewery location.

The first blend of Thicket started more than 5 years ago, a beer that was a blend of “Flanders - Inspired”, Missouri Wild Ales that were aged in red wine barrels with Missouri Blackberries. For Blend #2, we chose a blend of not only our “Flanders - Inspired” red beer, but also used a touch of our French Oak Foedre Beer, a beer that lays the base for Fuzzy, and has been aging via a solera method for more than 5 years now. This blend was then moved to Missouri Oak and aged atop more than 3000 lbs of Oregon blackberries from our friends at Decker Farms. The blend and the blackberries were combined in April of 2018 and allowed to re-ferment for almost a year before being bottle-conditioned prior to this release day.

The first blend was one of our most attended release days ever, so for Blend #2, we want to make sure that we are set up to recreate a great day of not only beer, but also food and bottle sharing. So, for the big day, we are going to shut down our parking lot and create a better space for all of those attending to bottle share until the tasting room opens at 12pm. Hopefully, the weather will be great! We will also have Bolyard’s Meat and Provisions here serving up food to keep everyone happy. The release will start at noon at The Brewery and at 1pm at The Side Project Cellar. Bottles will once again be $20 per and allocations will be set based on turnout. 

Thanks again to all of you reading this for your continued support and love of our tiny, niche brewery. We are very excited to have this beer back and hope to see you on May 4th.