Styrbjørn : Double Barrel Aged Sour Quad with Plums - Collaboration with Evil Twin Release Details

If you are reading this right after we shared it on our social media accounts on Friday, July 14th, then that means we are currently brewing another collaboration with our great friend Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin. We invited him back to brew a huge, English Barleywine destined for Maple Bourbon and Willet Bourbon barrels. Our plan for the Maple Bourbon variant of this English Barleywine is to coax a flavor profile reminiscent of a famous cinnamon roll. We are going to treat it with vanilla and cinnamon and aged it in these special barrels that Jeppe sourced until everything melds. 

The purist inside of us also wanted to age this beer in straight Bourbon barrels that I plan on sourcing on a trip to Bardstown soon. Adjuncts can often hide the lack of integrity in the base beer, so we wanted to provide both experiences, to showcase our execution of what an English Barleywine in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels can be, but to also have a little fun, push the flavors that can be derived through fermentation, aging and complimentary ingredients and try to create a beer that you have never had before. But enough about what we are brewing today, because it won't be ready for at least a year, the reason you are reading this is with regards to Styrbjørn.

What is Styrbjørn? Styrbjørn was named with the help of Jeppe and according to the norse sagas,  "Styrbjørn the Strong was Son of a King". Sounded like the perfect name for this huge, 14%, funky Quad. Styrbjørn is also our Double Barrel Aged Sour Quad that was brewed with Muscavado Sugar, Fermented in Red Wine and Bourbon Barrels with Raisins and aged for a year. Then, after a year, was racked to Port Barrels and finished on Plums with our local microflora.

Taking inspiration from The Scribe, one of my favorite Side Project beers, Jeppe and I concocted this recipe over 2 years ago, with the intention of making something huge, but deceptively so, allowing the body, sweetness, fruit and touch of acidity to create a beautiful beer. 

Styrbjørn will be released to go on July 15th, starting at noon at our Brewery at 7458 Manchester Road in Maplewood. Bottles will also be available for on site enjoyment at both The Brewery and at The Cellar this weekend. Jeppe is joining us this weekend, he will be walking around, sharing beer and enjoying the release, so make sure you stop by and say hi!

Thanks again for all of your support of our eclectic beers and see you this weekend.

Cory King