Cantillon Zwanze Day 2019 at Side Project Brewing!

Worldwide Zwanze Toast - Zwanze Day 2018 at Side Project Brewing

Worldwide Zwanze Toast - Zwanze Day 2018 at Side Project Brewing

Side Project Brewing and The Side Project Cellar are thrilled to be hosting Zwanze Day 2019! Thank you to Cantillon and Shelton Brothers!

Our Zwanze 2019 tickets are not for sale yet, but I wanted to get a little info about Zwanze Day posted since we’ve started getting some questions about this year’s event.

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Here are some notes about this year’s Zwanze blend from Cantillon owner Jean Van Roy:

“The beer for this year's Zwanze was brewed in March 2016 and kegged January 26, 2018.
Contrary to past Zwanze beers, this beer is not the result of a special blend or the addition of a special fruit, but of a wholly unique brew.
On March 1, 2016, we brewed a smoked Lambic using a blend of classic pilsner malt and smoked malt.
Rather than taking the beer to an extreme, we looked instead to find a balance between the acidic character of Lambic and the woodiness of the smoked malt.
The result is a fine Gueuze with the classic notes of a Cantillon, complemented by an elegant smokiness in the nose and on the palate.”

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DATE: Saturday, September 28, 2019

TIME: 12pm to 5pm

(Check in begins at 11:30am, Beer starts flowing at 12pm.)


WHERE: The Parking Lot of Side Project Brewing: 7458 Manchester Avenue in Maplewood. There will be Zwanze fun going on inside & outside!

TICKETS: $110* Each ($75 Zwanze Day Ticket + $35 Side Project Beer) 

*Our Zwanze Tickets used to be $75 Total, but in the past, we've offered the surprise purchase of a fun Side Project beer during Zwanze Day! The purchasing of this beer was always a little hectic toward the end of the event, so we've decided to alleviate that craziness. The surprise beer will already be paid for - you'll only have to pick it up! Hence the $110 price - we are asking you to make one purchase all at once, instead of two separate purchases. (The Zwanze Day ticket price is non-negotiable. You cannot purchase a $75 ticket without the $35 beer.)

FOOD: Some wonderful Maplewood food vendors will be celebrating Zwanze Day with us! Food is NOT included in the price of the ticket. Food will be available for purchase.

BEER LIST: Whoop whoop! I don’t have a finalized list of breweries yet, but I can tell you we just received an incredible keg from Russian River Brewing Company this morning! YEA! We’ll definitely have plenty of Cantillon, Side Project and Shared flowing! More breweries will be announced later…

Our Friends of Kids with Cancer Magnum Raffle will return… More details to come!

More info about this great St. Louis organization is available here:


Ticket Information:

-      Ticket includes (1) Zwanze 2019/Side Project glass

-      Ticket includes (1) small pour of Cantillon Zwanze 2019

-      Ticket includes unlimited samples of beers being poured at Zwanze Day while they last. (You are not guaranteed a pour of every single beer. Similar to a beer festival, there will be delicious beer all around & you are invited to sample whatever you want!)

-      Ticket includes (1) Bottle of a Surprise To-Go Side Project Beer! This beer is included in the price of the ticket.

-      Tickets will be sold (1) per person. If you purchase more than (1) ticket, we will cancel all your tickets and re-sell them at The Side Project Cellar. 

-      Tickets are Non-Refundable. 

-      Tickets are Non-Transferable. 

-      Ticket Purchasers are required to be 21 years old.

-      A Valid Photo ID is required for entry into Zwanze Day.


How Tickets will be Sold:

There will be two ways to purchase Zwanze Day 2019 Tickets: (1) Inside The Side Project Cellar & Brewery Tasting Room and (2) Online via our website: 

1.    A portion of tickets will be sold inside The Side Project Cellar and inside the Brewery Tasting Room during our Open Hours at random times on random days. We will tweet from @SideProjectCell when they are available at The Side Project Cellar. We will tweet from @SideProjectBrew when they are available in the Brewery Tasting Room. 1 ticket per person – no exceptions. You must be present with a valid ID to purchase your ticket. (AKA if you send your Aunt Betsy to purchase your ticket at The Side Project Cellar, then your Aunt Betsy gets to attend Zwanze Day, not you.)

2.    A portion of tickets will be sold online in our Side Project online shop: There will be TWO opportunities to purchase online tickets. This is not a lottery - If you purchase a ticket before it sells out on one of the two online-selling occasions, then we will see you at Zwanze Day! We will not tweet any advanced notice, we will only tweet from @SideProjectCell when they are available for sale. 1 ticket per person – no exceptions.

-      In the past, online tickets have sold out very quickly. Please note that you may have the ticket placed in your online “cart” (along with many other people at the exact same time), but you must fully complete your transaction and receive an email confirmation to have successfully purchased an online ticket to Zwanze Day. Once you receive that confirmation email, then we were emailed your name and you successfully purchased a ticket!

Tickets are not for sale yet! I will post a more detailed blog post soon and then you’ll know that ticket sales are on the way :) I just wanted to give everyone an update.

Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen King & the Side Project Team