Beer List Finalized for "Jeffers Drops Acid... Knowledge!"

UPDATE: Jeffers Drops Acid... Knowledge Tickets are now sold out. BUT, you can join us at 2pm on Fri, Aug. 5th for a Firestone Walker Celebration with the Barrelworks Director, which is open to the public!

“Jeffers Drops Acid… Knowledge” is Friday, Aug. 5th from 12pm to 1:30pm.

The acid samples for “Jeffers Drops Acid... Knowledge” arrived this week, AND SO DID ALL THE BEER! So I thought it might be time to announce the beer list for this fun #STLCBW event. Here we go!

Welcome Treat: Side Project Bière du Pays Blend #4

Education Time: Explore the role of acidity in beer! (Led by Firestone Walker Barrelworks Director Jeffers Richardson)

Test Your New Knowledge on Five Delicious Beers:

  •      Firestone Walker Barrelworks Lil Opal 2014
  •      Firestone Walker Barrelworks Agrestic 2014
  •      Firestone Walker Barrelworks Bretta Rose 2015
  •      Side Project Tête de Cuvée
  •      Side Project Bleuet du Fermier

Our Doors will Open at 11:45am. The event will begin promptly at 12pm.

A reminder that this is a private event & tickets are required. Tickets are available here until they are sold out:

The Firestone Walker Celebration Starting at 2pm is Open to the Public. More information about the 12pm Private Class & the 2pm Public Event are available in the Blog post just below. Thanks!