Balaton Blend #2 : Release details for Oct. 27th and 28th


When compared to our other 375mL fruited Wild Ales, Balaton is quite different. It is currently the only one that uses a sour brown as the base beer for which the cherries are layered into and re-fermented. To me, it is one of the more traditional sour beers that we produce - a Sour Brown with Cherries.

For the second blend of Balaton, we brewed the recipe in late 2016, racked it to a new Missouri Oak Foedre, and left it to rest with our native microflora. In November of 2017, the mature sour brown was then moved to 225 liter French Oak Red Wine barrels with 2017 harvest Balaton Cherries from King Orchards in Michigan. The barrels were allowed to referment and age until July of 2018 before a blend was chosen and the bottles and kegs were naturally conditioned until now. After 2 years of work, we are happy to have Balaton back to share with you as both to-go and as an on-site offering at both of our locations!

On the weekend of October 27th and 28th, we will be releasing the 375mL bottles of Balaton Blend #2 to-go. We are going to divide the batch up and release a portion of the bottles on both days, to allow everyone, both locals and out-of-towners, an easier opportunity to enjoy our beer! By spreading out the bottles and the release over 2 days at The Brewery, we also hope to alleviate some of the load on our tasting room and create a better, more enjoyable environment for everyone! Bottles will be available to-go starting at noon on October 27th at The Brewery and 1pm at The Side Project Cellar. On October 28th, the rest of the batch will be available to-go starting at noon at The Brewery again. 

Bottles will be $20 per and the allocations per person will be based on the number of people that turnout on both Saturday and Sunday. Bottles will be available for on-site enjoyment at both The Brewery and The Side Project Cellar starting the 27th as well! 

Thanks again for reading about one of our beers and your continued love of our small, niche brewery...

Cory King