The Side Project Cellar's 3-Year Anniversary is This Week!

The Side Project Cellar under construction in Fall 2014.

The Side Project Cellar under construction in Fall 2014.

The Side Project Cellar's 3-year Anniversary is Nov. 11, 2017! We've created a pretty fun tradition of celebrating by tapping Side Project kegs all week long leading up to Nov. 11th! Here is the keg tapping schedule for our Anniversary Week:

Tuesday, Nov. 7th at 3pm: Side Project SURPRISE

  • We'll start the week out with a delicious surprise keg right at Open! 

Wednesday, Nov. 8th at 6pm: Side Project Längst

  • Längst is our Bourbon Barrel-Aged Adambier - a historic, strong, malty German ale that was brewed with 7 different German malts and fermented with a fruity yeast strain. Längst was aged for 15 months in a variety of Bourbon Barrels. (Original Release Date: Nov 2016)

Thursday, Nov. 9th at 6pm: Side Project / Evil Twin Collaboration Styrbjörn

  • Styrbjørn is our Double Barrel-Aged Sour Quad that was brewed with Muscavado Sugar and fermented in Red Wine and Bourbon Barrels with Raisins and aged for a year. Then, after a year, it was racked to Port Barrels and finished on Plums with our local microflora. (Original Release Date: July 2017)

Friday, Nov. 10th at 1pm: Side Project Fuzzy Blend #1 and Fuzzy Blend #2

  • Fuzzy Blend #2 is our Missouri Wild Ale that was fermented in and aged in French Oak for 2 years, and then racked on to White Peaches from Southeast Missouri and aged an additional 7 months. We'll be tapping both Fuzzy #1 and Fuzzy #2 together for the first and only time because this is the LAST keg of Fuzzy #1. (Original Release Date of Blend #1: April 2014, Original Release Date of Blend #2: May 2016)

Saturday, Nov. 11th at 4pm: Side Project 4 Candles (Draft Debut!)

  • Just like 1 Candle, 2 Candles and 3 Candles, 4 Candles is our draft-only, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with unique flavors that are best enjoyed still, or with no carbonation. More info about 4 Candles will be released soon! We know that The Side Project Cellar is a small & cozy place, so we will also be tapping 4 Candles in our brewery tasting room. Both 4 Candles kegs will start flowing at 4pm on Saturday, Nov. 11th. 

We will have some other surprises at The Side Project Cellar during the week too. We look forward to celebrating with you! Thank you for 3 exceptional years! Cheers to many more!