Zwanze Day 2016 – Full Details To Be Released in Early September

The Side Project Cellar is honored and excited to be hosting again this year. Thank you, Cantillon and Shelton Brothers!

We are going to shake it up this year. We think this will be a fun time to preview our new Side Project Brewing space! So our Zwanze Day celebration will be taking place outside in our parking lot and inside the future Side Project Brewing! Whoop whoop!


DATE: Saturday, Oct. 1st

TIME: 12pm to 5pm


WHERE: 7458 Manchester Ave.

(Parking will not be available in our parking lot that day due to the outdoor event.)

TICKETS: Tickets will be required to attend the event. (Similar to a beer festival, we will sell tickets, and when we’re sold out, we’ll be sold out.)

HOW TICKETS WILL BE SOLD: A large portion of tickets will be sold inside The Side Project Cellar, and another large portion will be sold online. This is a worldwide celebration – so locals and nonlocals will have the opportunity to purchase tickets!

I know the Cantillon lovers are getting anxious so I just wanted to get a small update posted. Cory and I are working on nailing down several delicious beers for the event, and we want to continue to work on getting you the best beer list we can for Zwanze Day 2016! We also plan on having a few surprises up our sleeves :)

In Early September, we will be able to release a “Growing Beer List in Progress” AND all the ticket information you’ll need to know. We appreciate your patience and will do our best to get you all the info you desire as soon as we can!

Thank you so much!

More info to come soon…