Tête de Cuvée Vintage 2016


On Sunday, April 14th, we are pleased to release the 2016 Vintage of Tête de Cuvée. This is the third release of a beer that we blend from some of our finest and oldest barrel-aged Missouri Saisons and exemplifies the pinnacle of our Blended Saisons. Named after the top of the range of a specific house or grower’s champagnes, our Tête de Cuvée showcases our best barrels, blended purposefully for quality over quantity.

For Tête de Cuvée Vintage 2016 we selected and blended the following barrels:

Oude Fermier - fermented in and aged in a neutral French Oak barrel since 9/28/16
Oude Fermier - fermented in and aged in a Chardonnay French Oak barrel since 10/18/16
Oude Fermier - fermented in and aged in a White Burgundy French Oak barrel since 12/28/16

We spent a lot of time tasting through our barrels of Oude Fermier (our spelt Missouri Saison - Saison du Fermier - that sees extended aging time in oak), trying to construct what we wanted this blend to taste like. We drew inspiration from Blend #1, for its billowy, layered and expressively nuanced palate experience, and from my favorite Grand Cru Chardonnays from Burgundy, for their soft, round, delicate oak, lively acidity, and luscious mouthfeel. As with the previous releases of Tête de Cuvée, we blend this beer to enjoy now or to age gracefully for years to come.

Tête de Cuvée Vintage 2016 was bottled in early August of 2018 and has been bottle conditioning now for 8 months before we have decided it is ready to share. Bottles will be $40 each, the allocation will be 1 bottle per person and a valid ID must be presented. We will have bottles of Tête de Cuvée Blend #1, Vintage 2015 and Vintage 2016 available for on-site enjoyment as well, to accompany the to-go release.

It is truly a joy to blend this beer, in its limited quantity, each time trying to exceed our expectations and trying to provide you with a truly new and unique experience with what our beer can be. The following that Tête de Cuvée has accomplished is humbling and we would like to thank each and every single one of you for allowing us to produce beers like this, beers that define who we are and what the new American farmhouse-inspired breweries are allowed to achieve. Cheers to the release of Vintage 2016 and we hope that you enjoy this beer, one that has been more than 2 years in the making.

Cory King

  • PARKING - Due to the number of people that we expect, our small brewery parking lot will be closed to make room for everyone to enjoy their morning. Being that it is a Sunday, there will be plenty of free, public parking available around the brewery and there is a huge free lot right next to The Side Project Cellar at 7373 Marietta Ave. Please park legally and then join us at 7458 Manchester for the release.