Side Project Foedre Fermier Release Details: Sunday, Dec. 18th, 2016, starting at 12pm - 7458 Manchester Rd in Maplewood

We are excited to open our brewery tasting room for the first time Sunday, Dec. 18th, from noon to 7pm! With the opening, we will also be releasing Saison du Fermier from a Missouri Oak Foedre, “Foedre Fermier” for short.

As with all of our releases, we have always loved the bottle sharing, the camaraderie and all of the other things that make our industry so inviting and fun. I love bottle shares, just haven’t had a lot of time to partake in any in a while.

However, with our first release, we ask you to refrain from bottle sharing before we open. With the new place, the new release setup, the new flow of business, it would be easier on us and everyone if we hold off on starting up the bottle shares until a later release date. We didn’t reserve any extra outdoor restrooms, I haven’t had a chance to figure out where to set tables for sharing and also, it is supposed to be dangerously cold Sunday morning. We ask you to please be careful and to respect our wishes to not bottle share at this release.

We expect our parking lot to fill quickly, so please look for additional parking on the public streets and also at the large Maplewood parking lot located a block from our brewery at 7373 Marietta Ave.

Thank you for your continued support, your love of our beers and for your understanding as we start this next chapter of Side Project Brewing…