Shared Coffee Shop Vibes


This Saturday, March 2nd, we are excited to share with you the next release of Shared Coffee Shop Vibes! This beer starts as one of our Imperial Stout recipes - aptly named our “Vibes” recipe now - and after two rather tedious brew days, more than a month in the fermenter slowly fermenting into a huge, inky, chewy Imperial Stout that we call Vibes, we then finish it on coffee from our great friend Scott Carey of Sump Coffee in South City St. Louis.

After cupping all of the available coffees from Sump, for this batch of Coffee Shop Vibes we chose a Colombian Duarte roasted by Scott. Here is what Scott has to say about it:

This coffee comes from the Narino department of Colombia. Narino is currently my favorite coffee growing department. This coffee was produced by Segundo Antonio Criollo Manchabajoy from his farm Duarte Bajo at an altitude of 1920 meters above sea level. The varieties consist of Caturra and Colombia, It is a washed process coffee fermented for 12 hours and then dried on patios for 5 days. Drying was completed in June-July of 2018. After resting (reposa), made it stateside in September/October. We find notes of caramel and strawberry seeds.”

We can surely attest to the notes of caramel found in the coffee, as the beans, when blended with our beer, exhibits huge notes of milk chocolate and caramel candies, bakers chocolate and dark chocolate covered coffee beans. The massive notes of chocolate and overall softness of the coffee led us to increase the pounds of coffee per barrel of beer slightly, over previous batches of Coffee Shop Vibes, but not to a level to lose what Coffee Shop Vibes has become!

Many thanks to Scott for continuing to work with us on our coffee beers and especially Coffee Shop Vibes! Please check out Scott and his coffees at :

As always, allocations will be base on turnout and bottles will be $20 per. We will have draft available for enjoyment and we are working on a new variant that will hopefully be ready to share with you on Saturday too! Thank you again for your support of our brewery and our Shared stouts! See you Saturday.