Farewell to Chris!


It is hard to believe The Side Project Cellar will celebrate its 2-year anniversary this fall. I have been so lucky to have such an incredible staff who all demonstrate their passion for Side Project and ALL beer behind our bar at the Side Project Cellar. Our small team of Chris, Katie, Shae & Mackenzie continue to amaze me, and I don’t know where Cory and I would be without them… probably bald and nowhere near opening our own brewery! 

I make this announcement with much joy and admiration (and perhaps a wee bit of sadness because I’m a selfish human & want to keep all my employees FOREVER – hee hee!) for one of our stellar employees. Chris Hoertel has been chasing her dream to be a graphic designer for as long as I’ve known her, and to witness someone catch something they have been working toward can only bring such happiness to a current employer!

Chris Hoertel will be starting a new career as the Creative Director for the future, local Rockwell Beer Company! She’s going to be getting to design, design and design every day of her professional life. All the Rockwell packaging, labels, digital, merchandise, marketing materials, etc… will be from the talented mind of Chris! If you’d like to see a little bit of what Chris has already been working on, check out the @RockwellBeer Instagram account.

Our dear Chris’s last official shift at The Side Project Cellar will be Saturday, Sept. 3rd. We will miss you, Chris, but we are so happy for your exciting future!                                  - Karen King