On-Site Derivation Blend #10 - Rum Barrels, Kaldi's El Manzano Coffee, Madagascar Vanilla Beans - Oct. 13th & 14th


Although they are miserable to work with, Rum Barrels continue to surprise me in their ability to add a beautiful, soft and interesting layer to our Imperial Stout recipes.

After Derivation Blend #5, I had almost sworn off using Rum Barrels. They came in with a head-mounted bung (our normal racking tools didn’t work and the hole was a unique size), they leaked an incredible amount, not only losing a lot of beer, but also creating a huge mess, and they were hard to source. However, we recently built a relationship with a new barrel supplier that guaranteed better barrels, and I decided to do a redux of Derivation #5, as it was unique to the whole Derivation series and tasty enough to put in the work again!

Our barrel supplier didn’t let me down and supplied us with some amazing, fresh, high-quality Rum Barrels! Derivation Blend #10 shares the same recipe as Blend #5, it is an Imperial Oatmeal Stout that started as a recipe that I created almost 7 years ago. Of all of our stout recipes, I have brewed more of this one than any other!

After fermenting in stainless with an American yeast strain, this recipe (we call it “Oats/D5" on the recipe sheets) was racked to freshly dumped Rum Barrels and aged for 14 months before we moved it to our brite tank to be finished on a new coffee, a Kaldi’s El Manzano Honey Processed Coffee from El Salvador, and also copious amounts of Madagascar Vanilla Beans. We bottled it in July and allowed it to condition for those 3 months before we determined it ready to be shared. The result is a barrel-aged stout that represents what we believe a Rum Barrel-Aged Derivation should be!

Side Project Derivation Blend #10 will be available for On-Site enjoyment at The Side Project Cellar and Brewery Tasting Room this Saturday, October 13th. We will be allocating bottles for both Saturday and Sunday at the Brewery - so if you plan on visiting either day (Oct. 13th or 14th), I can promise that you will be able to enjoy a bottle. The whole brewing team couldn’t be happier with how these Rum Barrels treated us and how Derivation Blend #10 turned out! We hope to see you this weekend to enjoy, share, sip on our massive Imperial Stout and hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy brewing these beers!

Now, it’s time for us to focus on blending Beer : Barrel : Time 2018 ;).

Cory King