Shared Coffee Shop Vibes Release

It is surprising that it has taken us this long to release a stout under our collaborative effort Shared. Tommy, while working at Perennial, Brian, while working at Goose Island, and I, while working on the Side Project beers, have all brewed a ton of stouts and it is a style that we all love to drink. 

Saturday, May 13th at noon at the brewery, we will release our first stouts for Shared - Coffee Shop Vibes with Sump Peruvian Coffee and Coffee Shop Vibes with Sump Colombian Coffee. 

Vibes started life as the same recipe as the base stout for Derivation Blend #3. This huge stout was brewed with 8 malts and fermented with an American Ale strain before being infused with a massive amount of freshly roasted coffee from Scott at Sump Coffee. 

I have had the pleasure of working on coffee stouts with Scott at Sump for about 5 years now.. His coffee selections are always beautiful and delicious, and he always has a large variety for us to cup when selecting which seasonal varieties we are going to use in our beers. This time around, the four of us were so enamored with two coffees, a Peruvian and a Colombian, that we decided to divide the batch in two beers to showcase their flavors in our huge stout.

Varieties - Typica, Bourbon, Caturra
Altitude - 1600-2000 MASL
District - La Coipa
Process - Fully Washed

Varieties - Typica, Caturra
Altitude - 1700-2000 MASL
Municipality - Inzá
Process - Fully Washed

The release will start at noon this Saturday at the Brewery and we will also have some available to-go at The Cellar when it opens at 1pm. Allocations will be based on turnout and each variant will be $20 per 750ml bottle. Draft will be available of both variants at both locations this weekend as well. Hope you enjoy our first Shared stout!

Cory King