Saison du Fermier Blend # 5 Release Details & Fermier Day 2019!


On Sunday, July 14th, in the Side Project Brewing Tasting Room, we are going to be releasing Saison du Fermier Blend #5 to-go and for on-site enjoyment during our annual Fermier Day! Also, we will be introducing Cassis du Fermier Blend #2 and Abricot du Fermier Blend #4 for on-site enjoyment! (both to be released to-go on a later date!)

We will also be pulling out several variants of Saison du Fermier as well to kick off the return of some of our favorite du Fermiers. These will be available for on-site enjoyment at the Brewery for Fermier Day:

Oude Fermier Blend #1 (bottled 4/2014)
Oude Fermier Blend #2 (bottled 9/2016)
Framboise du Fermier Blend #2 (bottled 4/2018)
Quetsche du Fermier Blend #2 (bottled 3/2018)
Bleuet du Fermier Blend #1 (bottled 2/2016)
Saison du Fermier Blend #3 (kegged 3/2015)
Saison du Fermier Blend #4 (kegged 6/2017)
Saison du Fermier Blend #5 (kegged 4/2019)
Saison du Fermier from Pinot Noir Puncheons Blend #1 (bottled 6/2016)
Saison du Fermier from Pinot Noir Puncheons Blend #2 (bottled 12/2017)
Saison du Fermier from Pinot Noir Puncheons Blend #3 (bottled 12/2018)
Abricot du Fermier Blend #4 (bottled 4/2019)
Cassis du Fermier Blend #2 (bottled 4/2019)
Pêche du Fermier Blend #2 (kegged 6/2018)
Kriek du Fermier Blend #1 (kegged 3/2017)

After several years of waiting, we are very excited to be able to once again share Saison du Fermier with you. For the 5th blend and release of our flagship Missouri Saison, new to us French Oak Chardonnay barrels were selected and then filled with our Fermier wort. We inoculated these barrels with a blend of yeast and our Missouri cultures to ferment and age to maturity entirely in oak. This barrel-fermented Saison expresses that subtle characteristics of our house cultures in a very Chardonnay-like way. Soft and round with notes of vanilla meringue, almonds, and a gentle, bright Side Project finish.  

I couldn't be happier with how Saison du Fermier has progressed and aged over the years and I am excited to dig into our library of aged variants to share this weekend. 

Saison du Fermier Blend #5, Abricot du Fermier Blend #4, and Cassis du Fermier Blend #2 will be available for on-site enjoyment Sunday at the Brewery and will continue to be available for on-site enjoyment the following week at The Side Project Cellar. Abricot du Fermier Blend #4 and Cassis du Fermier Blend #2 are scheduled to have a to-go releases in the near future and we will post when we have an official date to announce. Thanks again for your love and support of our small niche brewery and we hope that you enjoy one of our favorite events of the year - Fermier Day!

Cory and Karen King