Jeffers Drops Acid... Knowledge!

Join us Friday, Aug. 5th from 12pm to 1:30pm at The Side Project Cellar

(Tickets Required, Continue reading for more Info!)

We are excited to announce that Jeffers Richardson, Director of Firestone Walker Barrelworks, will be visiting The Side Project Cellar on Friday, Aug. 5th! He will be hosting an amazing class (Tickets Required) called Jeffers Drops Acid… Knowledge, which is an exploration of how acidity shapes our sensory perception of wild beers.

The class will also include a tasting of 3 Firestone Walker Barrelworks beers, AND as a special addition, we will be including 2 Side Project beers in the tasting & discussion!


Here is some more information about the class from

“When it comes to wild or sour beers, acidity plays more of a role in the taste experience compared to traditional beers, which are more defined by their hop and malt profiles,” Richardson said. “This seminar is designed to explore the role of acidity, and to reveal not only what you are tasting in the beer, but also why.”

The seminars delve into the differences between pH and total (or titratable) acidity as well as the sensory relationship between smell and taste. Different concentrations of acetic, citric and lactic acids are tasted, enabling you to discover the signature characteristics of each. Along the way, you learn how each of these acids shapes flavor, mouthfeel and overall perception.

Each seminar then ends on a sour note with a special tasting of limited releases from Barrelworks to test your newfound knowledge and reinforce the lesson.



Price: $50 per ticket

Tickets Available for Purchase Here:

·      Tickets are Non-refundable and Non-Transferable

·      Please bring a valid ID to the event. (You will receive an email confirmation after your purchase & your name will be added to our list of attendees, so please bring a valid ID to get in.)

·      We recommend arriving a few minutes early. Jeffers Drops Acid... Knowledge will begin promptly at 12pm on Aug. 5th.

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OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AT 2PM: Firestone Walker Celebration with the Barrelworks Director!

The Side Project Cellar will be opening to the public at 2pm on Friday, Aug. 5th for an incredible STLCBW event! We’ll have some delicious Firestone Walker beers on draft and Jeffers will be here to chat & answer any questions.

Tickets are NOT required for the 2pm Public Event. Beer will be available for purchase. Event info here:

NOTE: If you purchased tickets to the Jeffers Drops Acid… Knowledge class, you will NOT have to exit The Side Project Cellar and re-enter when we open to the public at 2pm. You are welcome to stay, keep your seat, chat with Jeffers & Cory, etc… while our staff prepares for the public event. 

If you have any questions, please email Karen at

Thank you!