Every now and then I get a barrel that just does it's own thing. Sometimes this new direction isn't positive, but other times something special is created that was never intended. These barrels just continue to produce amazing beers, something that is Side Project, but also has its own flair and life and subsequently leaves its Reflection on every beer that passes through them. 

Reflections is the first release from some of these barrels. 

Reflections 04/27/2015 is a blend of just 2 barrels that have a prestigious lineage. The previous beers that these barrels held include the first blend of Bière du Pays that was inoculated with a large dose of our Oude Fermier Blend 1 cultures and also the first Oude du Blé that later became a thread in the first blend of Tête de Cuvée. After their last empty, the direction that they had taken was so unique, yet delicate and inviting, I chose to barrel ferment a new Saison in the unrinsed barrels to allow and hope that their microenvironment would reemerge in this new beer. Dated as 04/27/2015, this beer was fermented in oak on that day more than 2 years ago and was aged in the same barrel until being racked and bottled 2 months ago. 

Reflections might become a series of beers, if these barrels continue to present themselves, as we continue to experiment with one-off Saisons and Missouri Wild Ales and as we continue to be selective in our blends. These barrels are how our cultures have gotten to where they are today, the best are saved and used to replenish our house culture, always trying to force migration to better flavors and more exciting depths. 

Being that this is a very small release, the bottles are going to be available for on site enjoyment at The Side Project Cellar and The Brewery for the time being. I appreciate your time in reading the description of our new beer and hope that you enjoy Reflections as much as I do!

Cory King