Provence : Cup of Love and Saison du Blé Blend #7 - Release Sat, May 27th

On Saturday, May 27th, we will release two Side Project beers To Go at both The Side Project Cellar and the Brewery - Saison du Blé Blend #7 and Provence : Cup of Love. 

Provence will be a series of beers in which we explore the use of teas, hops and other spices. Our first release from our Provence line will be a Saison called Cup of Love, named after the beautiful tea we used from Big Heart Tea Co. This started as a collaboration with our friends at Sardella, a fantastic restaurant in St. Louis, and their favorite tea supplier, Big Heart Tea Co.

Since we were working with Sardella and Big Heart Tea Co., our first goal was to produce a delicate, approachable and exceptionally food-friendly experience with this beer. I blended a 2-year-old French Oak Missouri Wild Ale with a 2-month-old Missouri Oak Foedre Saison to balance our signature, vibrant acidity and create a soft mouthfeel and finish. Carbonation is mild to let the tea and oak sit on the palate as lemon meringue, almonds and stonefruit. The tea, Cup of Love, is a tea blend from Big Heart Tea Co. that includes rose and tulsi. The floral notes of the rose offer a beautiful contrast to the normal aromatics of a Side Project Saison, and the tulsi imparts an accentuated peach and stonefruit finish on the beer. 

Provence : Cup of Love will be released Saturday to go at both The Side Project Cellar and the Brewery at $20 per bottle. Sardella will be getting some kegs as well so you will be able to enjoy this beer along with their amazing food!

This Saison du Blé is the 7th release of our wheat Saison. For Blend #7, it contains exclusively foedre-aged beer from a Medium-toasted Missouri Oak Foeder Crafters foedre. This was the first fill of this foedre, and the fresh wood imparted fantastic levels of oak that integrated really well into one of our favorite Saisons. A slightly bolder mouthfeel with a creamy vanilla finish lay over the tart body. 

Saison du Blé Blend #7 is currently on draft at The Side Project Cellar. Bottles will be availble to-go starting Saturday at both locations. Allocations will be based on turnout and it is $20 per bottle.  

Thank you! Cheers!