Side Project Trail Dubbel - Our First STILL Beer Release

If you have had the chance to stop by The Side Project Cellar over the last two and a half years, you probably know I am a fan of still beer. I have released several draft-only still beers - The Candles Series and Foedre Beer. I spend a lot of my time drinking beer from the fermenters, from barrels and from blends in brite tanks, so I wanted to start sharing my appreciation of what beer can offer without carbonation. We knew drinking still beer was something new for most beer drinkers so we chose to serve them exclusively on draft at The Cellar so our our staff could explain my intentions, share the reasons and nuances behind serving a beer this way, and field any questions that customers might have.

Well, the time has come to put a still beer in a bottle and share it with more than just our local community. We present Side Project Trail Dubbel, a rich, mahogany beer brewed in honor of my brother-in-law (now brewer at Side Project, Brian Ivers) and sister-in-law's (now Side Project tasting room bartender, Erica Ivers) hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. We brewed this beer in March 2016, before they began their hike, to let it age as they walked from Mexico to Canada to enjoy when they returned.

We brewed a strong Belgian-style Dubbel that was fermented in stainless with one of our favorite Trappist strains before being racked to four red wine barrels, each with a different blend of microflora. Brian selected his two favorite barrels for Trail Dubbel, one that was inoculated with the Side Project cultures and one that was inoculated with a mixed culture that was isolated from a bottle of wine from Morey-Saint-Denis of the Burgundy region of France. At blending, we discovered that the flavors, while still, were exactly what we wanted to share with you. No need for full carbonation, we wanted it bottled and served still.

The result is one of the most vinous beers I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. Rich tones of red wine grapes mingle with the oxidative malt notes, warm alcohol and layers of oak and red fruits. This beer sits right between the big red wines of Spain and the Port wines of northern Portugal and enjoying it like a dessert or after-dinner drink offers the best experience. Chilled or at 60F, this beer evolves in the glass at a range of temperatures, and we hope that can open your perception of brewing with us through this adventurous beer.

Side Project Trail Dubbel will be available for on-site enjoyment at The Side Project Cellar and our brewery tasting room starting Saturday, April 8th. Bottles will be available to-go at the brewery tasting room starting at noon Sunday, April 9th. Allocations will be based on turnout. $15 per to-go bottle. 

PARKING & NOTES: On Release Days like this Sunday, April 9th, please use Maplewood public parking - any public street parking or the large parking lot next to The Side Project Cellar at 7373 Marietta Ave. Our parking spots will be reserved for staff and handicap parking. 

Please DO NOT park in the CVS parking lot or any other private lots. Please use public parking. Thank you.

Bottle Sharing (Open Containers) is allowed in our Side Project Brewing parking lot. You CANNOT Bottle Share (have open containers) on the public sidewalks - only in our parking lot. Thank you all for making our releases smooth so far... we just thought it's time to lay out a few guidelines. Thank you! 


Cory King