Derivation Blend #7


Starting Tuesday, May 2nd, our next iteration of Derivation will start for on-site enjoyment at The Side Project Cellar. As with Blend #1 and #3, Derivation Blend #7 uses only the beautiful influences of the barrel and the softening and melding that can only come with time to develop the deep, velvety experience that you expect from a Derivation. 

With each blend, barrels are selected for their characters, to provide purpose in the final beer. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to try hundreds of barrels full of both whiskey and bourbon barrel-aged stouts, and I have learned that although these barrel-aged beers are robust, assertive and decedent, their nuances, complexities and developed flavors can be elevated when thoughtfully blended, just like our delicate Saisons and Missouri Wild Ales.

The Barrels Selected for Blend #7:

2 Rittenhouse Rye Barrels that were aged for 2 years with an Imperial Oatmeal Stout
2 Four Roses 10 year Bourbon Barrels that were aged for 2 years with an Imperial Oatmeal Stout

On the tongue, Derivation Blend #7 has loads of rich, dark chocolate and mocha powder, with hints of sweet coffee and a whisper of char. The 15% ABV is non-existent during the sip as it is really well-integrated into the beer after 2 years of maturation. The oak lays down sweet expressions of coconut and almonds due to the younger barrels. 

It seems like every stout that comes out now has more and more adjuncts, and don't get me wrong, I am as guilty as the next brewer! But about 12 months ago, these barrels showed the promise that was needed for me to set them aside for another non-adjunct Derivation. These pure blends, where there is nothing to hide behind, is why I fell in love with making these huge beers in the first place and I hope that you enjoy the time and effort that I put into the next beloved Derivation. 

Bottles will be available all week at The Side Project Cellar and we are putting aside plenty for the Brewery Tasting Room on Saturday, May 6th and Sun, May 7th. Bottles of Derivation Blend #7 will be available for on-site enjoyment only, and there will be no to-go bottles. I am glad that this beer has become such a favorite and I am excited to share my next blend with you. We hope you enjoy sharing it with your friends and family at The Side Project Cellar or Brewery Tasting Room. Thanks again for all of the support and love for our beers!

Cory and Karen King