SEVEN Variants of Péché Mortel on Sat 3/23 for Péché Day 2019!


We are thrilled to announce that Dieu du Ciel! Péché Day 2019 is happening in St. Louis Saturday, March 23rd, at The Side Project Cellar! If you aren’t familiar with the delicious Péché Mortel, it is a 9.5% ABV Imperial Coffee Stout that we often pour on a NITRO Tap at The Side Project Cellar. Here is a description from

“A deep, dark and profound stout. Espresso coffee is infused during the brewing of Péché Mortel, resulting in an intense dark beer with roasted malt flavors enhanced by bitter coffee. The dry finish is long and persistent… First brewed in our Montréal brewpub in October of 2001.”

The first Péché Day took place in November 2011 at the Dieu Du Ciel! Montreal pub. It has since evolved into an international event with about 60 participants worldwide! The Side Project Cellar is honored to be among them this year. Péché Day will feature SEVEN variants of Péché Mortel at each participating location. From Dieu du Ciel!:

“The concept is simple : tap the seven different versions of Péché Mortel as soon as you open your bar, compare the variants, have a ton of fun and brace yourself for the biggest caffeine buzz of your life !”

Here’s the lineup for Péché Day 2019! Whoop whoop!

Péché Mortel, Imperial Coffee Stout, 9.5%
Péché Mortel Bourbon 2019, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Coffee Stout, 9.5%
Péché Mortel Bourbon 2018, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Coffee Stout, 9.5%
Péché Mortel Islay 2019, Islay Barrel-Aged Imperial Coffee Stout, 9.5%
Péché Mortel Coconut, Imperial Coffee & Coconut Stout, 9.5%
Péché Mortel Cerise, Imperial Coffee & Cherry Stout, 9.5%
Péché Moka, Imperial Coffee & Cocoa Stout, 9.5%

No ticket is required to attend. Just visit us at The Side Project Cellar on Saturday, March 23rd, and full and half pours of all seven Péché variants will be available for individual purchase starting at our 1pm Open so you can compare several or go all in on your favorite variants :)

Thank you for celebrating this exciting day with us! Cheers!

NOTE: Due to our commitment to Péché Day 2019, The Side Project Cellar and our Brewery Tasting Room will both celebrate the Maplewood Coffee Crawl with our own Side Project Coffee Beers one week late on Saturday, March 30th. More details about our Coffee Crawl celebration on 3/30 will be posted on a later date. Thank you!

Karen King & The Side Project Cellar Team

Pulling Nails Blend #9 Release - March 9th, 2019


We are excited to share with you of our next blend of Pulling Nails. Blend #9 continues to focus on using our diverse sour, tart, funky and oak-aged barrel stock to create a unique beer which couldn’t be produced without the blending of these individual threads. A little more of an assertive Brettanomyces presence is softened by the Blackberry and Vidal Blanc portions to define what Pulling Nails Blend #9 is.

The Official Blend:

  • 32% Thicket - Missouri Wild Ale aged on Blackberries for more than a year

  • 18% Oude du Blé - Missouri Wheat Saison - 13 months in oak

  • 20% Foedre #7 - Initial fill date - September 1st, 2017

  • 15% Méthode Traditionnelle - Coolship Inoculated & Spontaneously fermented - 2 years in oak

  • 15% Missouri Saison with Missouri Vidal Blanc Grapes - 1 year in oak

Parking - Just as a reminder, our brewery parking lot will fill early, but there is a huge, free parking lot a block away from our brewery at 7373 Marietta Avenue. We invite you to please use this parking lot or the plentiful public parking and refrain from using any private lots in Maplewood.

Bottle Sharing - Bottle sharing is welcome but can only take place on our property! Please! No open bottles on the public sidewalks or anywhere outside of our property, it is illegal in Maplewood and you can get a ticket! Only our property is licensed for outdoor open containers.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our tiny, niche brewery and hope that everyone has a fun and safe Saturday with us for the release of Pulling Nails Blend #9!

Pulling Nails Blend #9
7% ABV
$35 per bottle, allocations based on turnout.
Release will be at the back garage door to the brewery. 

Cory & Karen King

Sour Week is March 12th - 17th!


It is time for our annual Sour Week! The Wild and Fruited fun will begin Tuesday, March 12th, at The Side Project Cellar with THE DEBUT of Side Project Smooth Blend #2 on Draft! Sour Week will continue all week through the weekend at our Brewery Tasting Room. Here is the daily schedule of keg tappings & on-site bottles:

Tuesday, March 12th at 3pm at The SP Cellar:

The DEBUT of Side Project Smooth Blend #2 on Draft! (Nectarines!)

Jester King Demitone Draft (Blueberries!)

Wednesday, March 13th is Oud Bruin Night at The SP Cellar:


Side Project Open Spaces Draft

Side Project / Angry Orchard Collaboration Burk Draft

Nøgne Ø Driftwood Oud Bruin Draft

Enjoy some Fruited Fermiers Thursday, March 14th at The SP Cellar:

3pm: Side Project Framboise du Fermier Blend #2 on-site Bottles (Raspberries!)

5pm: Side Project Pêche du Fermier Blend #2 Draft (Peaches!)

Friday, March 15th is Pulling Nails Day at The SP Cellar:

2pm: Side Project Pulling Nails Blend #2 Draft

3pm: Side Project Pulling Nails Blend #3 Draft

4pm: Side Project Pulling Nails Blend #4 Draft

Saturday, March 16th at OPEN at Both SP Locations:

(12pm at Side Project Brewing & 1pm at The Side Project Cellar)

Side Project Fuzzy Blend #2 Draft (Peaches!)

Side Project / de Garde Collaboration Floue Floue on-site Bottles (Peaches & Nectarines!)

Sunday, March 17th at 12pm at the Brewery Tasting Room:

Side Project Thicket Blend #1 Draft (Blackberries!)

Thank you very much!

Shared Coffee Shop Vibes


This Saturday, March 2nd, we are excited to share with you the next release of Shared Coffee Shop Vibes! This beer starts as one of our Imperial Stout recipes - aptly named our “Vibes” recipe now - and after two rather tedious brew days, more than a month in the fermenter slowly fermenting into a huge, inky, chewy Imperial Stout that we call Vibes, we then finish it on coffee from our great friend Scott Carey of Sump Coffee in South City St. Louis.

After cupping all of the available coffees from Sump, for this batch of Coffee Shop Vibes we chose a Colombian Duarte roasted by Scott. Here is what Scott has to say about it:

This coffee comes from the Narino department of Colombia. Narino is currently my favorite coffee growing department. This coffee was produced by Segundo Antonio Criollo Manchabajoy from his farm Duarte Bajo at an altitude of 1920 meters above sea level. The varieties consist of Caturra and Colombia, It is a washed process coffee fermented for 12 hours and then dried on patios for 5 days. Drying was completed in June-July of 2018. After resting (reposa), made it stateside in September/October. We find notes of caramel and strawberry seeds.”

We can surely attest to the notes of caramel found in the coffee, as the beans, when blended with our beer, exhibits huge notes of milk chocolate and caramel candies, bakers chocolate and dark chocolate covered coffee beans. The massive notes of chocolate and overall softness of the coffee led us to increase the pounds of coffee per barrel of beer slightly, over previous batches of Coffee Shop Vibes, but not to a level to lose what Coffee Shop Vibes has become!

Many thanks to Scott for continuing to work with us on our coffee beers and especially Coffee Shop Vibes! Please check out Scott and his coffees at :

As always, allocations will be base on turnout and bottles will be $20 per. We will have draft available for enjoyment and we are working on a new variant that will hopefully be ready to share with you on Saturday too! Thank you again for your support of our brewery and our Shared stouts! See you Saturday.


Join us for STOUT WEEK Feb. 5th - 10th


It’s that time of year again! We are excited to bring you our annual Stout Week at The Side Project Cellar and Side Project Brewing Tasting Room! Stout Week will begin at The Side Project Cellar on Tuesday, Feb. 5th and continues all week…

Tuesday, Feb 5th is Shared Stout Night!


Shared Barrel-Aged Coffee Shop Vibes 2017 Draft

Shared Coconut Vibes on CASK

Shared Coffee & Cocoa Nib Cimmerian Sea Draft

6pm: Shared Surprise on Draft

Wednesday, Feb. 6th at 3pm:

Firestone Walker Parabola 2017 Bottles

Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin 2017 Bottles

5pm: SP Surprise on Draft

Thursday, Feb. 7th at 3pm:

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Northwoods 2017 Draft

Montseny Mala Vida Bourbon Brandy Vanilla Draft

SP Double Barrel Derivation Ruby Port Bottles

SP Double Barrel Derivation Tawny Port Bottles

SP Double Barrel Derivation VSOP Bottles

Friday, Feb. 8th at 1pm:

Perennial Abraxas 2014 Bottles

Perennial Abraxas 2015 Bottles

4pm: SP Surprise on Draft

Stout Week will continue at The Side Project Cellar Saturday, Feb 9th, and at our Brewery Tasting Room Saturday, Feb. 9th, and Sunday, Feb. 10th. Come warm up with us next week with some delicious STOUTS! Thank you!