Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to answer some of your questions.

1. Can you explain your two locations?

The Side Project Cellar is our tasting room for Side Project Brewing and a Belgian‐inspired beer bar with whiskey and wine. 

Address: 7373 Marietta Avenue in Maplewood. We are one block South of Manchester, very close to the corner of Sutton and Marietta. We are right next to the large Maplewood public parking lot on Marietta Ave.

The Side Project Cellar Hours: Tues - Thurs 3pm-10pm, Fri & Sat 1pm-11pm

Our brewery is where we brew, age, blend and package our beer! We have a lovely Brewery Tasting Room in our brewery, and it is open to the public on the weekends. 

Address: 7458 Manchester Road in Maplewood. We are 2 blocks away from The Side Project Cellar, west on Manchester Road. We are right next to the CVS Pharmacy at Manchester and Big Bend.

Brewery Tasting Room Hours: Sat & Sun 12pm-7pm


2. How do you purchase Side Project beer to take home?

We have To-Go beer available at both of our locations! 

At The Side Project Cellar, you can see our To-Go offerings listed online on our Cellar List. We update our online menu daily.

At our brewery tasting room, you can see our To-Go offerings listed online on our Brewery Menu. We update this menu before every weekend. 


3. How do I find out about upcoming beer releases or events? 

We often use Instagram and Twitter to announce upcoming beers and events.

Side Project Brewing Instagram & Twitter: @SideProjectBrew

The Side Project Cellar Instagram & Twitter: @SideProjectCell

Also, sometimes we write about upcoming beers and events in our Blog.

Sometimes new beers do sell out quickly, but we often save some for on-site enjoyment at both locations. That way if you are planning a visit and we've sold out of a beer to take home, you can still enjoy it on site. Remember that the full Side Project Cellar menu is updated daily! 


4. Is Side Project beer available at any local retailers? 

We do not distribute Side Project beers. They are only available at The Side Project Cellar or our Brewery Tasting Room.
Note: The Wine & Cheese Place in St. Louis has given us some amazing whiskey and wine barrels to age our beer in, so whenever a beer that was aging in a TWCP barrel is ready to release, we will distribute some of that beer to The Wine & Cheese Place. This is the only time Side Project beers are ever available at a local retailer. 


5. Do you ship beer?

We can’t legally ship any beer. Our beer is only available at The Side Project Cellar or our Brewery Tasting Room.


6. Do you ship Side Project shirts, glassware or other merchandise?

We don’t currently have an online store, so we do not ship any merchandise. All shirts, gift cards, glassware, etc… are available for purchase inside
The Side Project Cellar or our Brewery Tasting Room.


7. Do you serve food or snacks at either location or allow outside food?

The Side Project Cellar does not serve food. Just beer, whiskey, wine & cider!

Our Brewery Tasting Room does not serve food either. Just beer, wine & cider! You are able to enjoy outside food under our shade on the back picnic tables.

We invite you to visit one of our Maplewood neighbors for a meal, and visit us for beverages before or after! 


8. Do you allow busses or large groups?

The Side Project Cellar is a very small & cozy space, so we do not allow busses and do not recommend groups larger than 10 people.

The Brewery Tasting Room is a little larger than The Cellar, so if you would like to inquire about busses or large groups, please email us at


9. Are children allowed at either location?

The Brewery Tasting Room (7458 Manchester Rd) is kid friendly. We don't serve any food, but we do offer a couple kid-friendly beverages and have a little more space & and a shaded back area for kids to run around. (Outside food is allowed on our back picnic tables.)

The Side Project Cellar (7373 Marietta Ave) is a smaller space than the brewery, but we do allow folks under 21 years old until 8pm. Due to Missouri law, no one under 21 years old can sit at our bar, but we have plenty of tables where families can sit and order from the bar. 

We have board games at both locations!