Cory King

Side Project Owner & Brewer

Cory’s first love in the beverage industry was for wine, and that passion can be seen in his oak-aged beers at Side Project. He originally sought a career in winemaking, but he decided to start homebrewing after his brother-in-law introduced him to the craft. Discovering that experimentation with fermentation and interpretations of beer styles could be explored in the kitchen, he was hooked on brewing. Cory's first professional brewing job was with Perennial Artisan Ales, where he was lucky to be able to continue experimenting and start Side Project Brewing during his career there. His love for oak began with wine and is now his focus with all the beers at
Side Project Brewing. Cory appreciates traveling with his wife to breweries, distilleries and wineries all over the world and learning as much as he possibly can.


Karen King

Side Project Owner & Planner

Karen was introduced to the world of beer by her older brother Brian when he started homebrewing while they were students at Oklahoma State. After several big family homebrew days and many beer vacations to visit breweries across the country, she had decided on a career in beer. She has been fortunate to work for and learn from the incredible breweries Goose Island Beer Company, Perennial Artisan Ales and Deschutes Brewery. She loves to organize and drink De La Senne Taras Boulba and is happy to be putting both of those loves to good use at Side Project Brewing. If Karen isn’t spending time with her redheaded husband, she’s probably walking around
The Side Project Cellar with notebooks and highlighters.



Katie Herrera

Side Project Cellar Manager

Katie is the Green Bay Packer-loving, Lauren Salazar-worshiping, Wilco-listening, Wisconsin Badger alum from Minneapolis at The Side Project Cellar. And she really, REALLY loves long walks on the beach so she travels as much as possible. Her dog Moses is the greatest thing on four legs even though he clearly prefers her boyfriend Matt. Ten years tending bar has allowed Katie continued growth in the beer community, from Madison to Milwaukee, and now St. Louis. As co-founder of Femme Ferment in St. Louis, Katie greatly admires the incredible women in this industry.
She is forever honing her beer knowledge & skills and is always ready to teach others.

Shae Smith

Side Project Cellar Manager

Shae is really into beer, whiskey, grilled cheese sandwiches and cats. But mostly cats. She grew up in a very small town in Illinois where beer choices were almost nonexistent. Her first sip of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale changed her world, and beer has been a huge part of her life ever since. She takes every day as a new learning experience full of new beers to try! When she’s not enjoying a beer or whiskey, she’s chugging La Croix, lying on the couch with her dog Panda, two cats Leia and Winston, and watching Harry Potter. (Seriously, she has a Harry Potter tattoo!)

Mackenzie Marks

Side Project Cellar

Mackenzie got her start in the beer scene in New York City where she worked at The Cannibal Beer & Butcher. After her stint in NYC, she decided to come home and reclaim her title as the St. Louis beer guzzler. You'll often catch her riding her bike or scooter around beautiful South City, eating tacos or yelling a lot in her band The Bubbleheads. Start a conversation with her at The Side Project Cellar by quoting
The Simpsons and you'll have won her heart forever. Cheers!


Megan Knaus

Side Project Cellar

Megan is a lifelong St. Louisian and devoted industry professional.  She first fell in love with wine as a restaurant manager maintaining a 3,000-bottle cellar, but she quickly realized all the magic that whiskey and beer had to offer. Megan is now excited to be immersed in the beer world at Side Project to expand her knowledge of the brewing and fermentation process. When she’s not smiling behind the bar at The Side Project Cellar, you might find her kayaking into the sunset along the Missouri River, cleaning her backyard chicken coop, navigating the Northampton streets with her pugs Skillet and Coconut or writing run-on sentences….

Brian Ivers

Side Project Brewer

Brian’s beer enlightenment began as he was wrapping up his engineering degree at
Oklahoma State in 2006. Even though he had amassed as many brewing books as
engineering books, Brian went to work as an engineer at Underwriters Laboratories in
Chicago, but he harbored aspirations to make beer for a living. Eventually, Brian
would work as a production brewer for Goose Island, where he enjoyed applying an
engineering mindset to the brewing process. One evening in 2012, he was sitting at
the Goose Island Clybourn Pub reading his brother-in-law Cory’s business plan for a
St. Louis brewery, when the manager, Erica Hylton, struck up a conversation. Four
years later they would both quit their jobs, hike 1000+ miles of the Pacific Crest Trail
and get married in the Smoky Mountains before moving to St. Louis. Brian had also
hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2010, and he has his eye on the Continental Divide
Trail just in case things don’t work out at Side Project!

Tim Bottchen

Side Project Art Director & Photographer

Tim has been designing and photographing for global brands for a decade. He has full control of capturing & creating Side Project’s image from start to finish. He designs the elegant Side Project beer labels, takes all the professional Side Project photos and even designed our website. Tim also stays busy with his other clients in the beer industry, concert photography and a full-time photography career with an athletic company. He enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and two dogs in South City,
but you'll often spot him at The Side Project Cellar with a beer in one hand and a camera in the other.