Blanc de Blancs Vintage 2020


Blanc de Blancs is our Bière de Champagne that was fermented and aged in Missouri Oak Chardonnay barrels with Missouri Vignoles Grapes from our friends at Noboleis Vineyards in the Augusta AVA. The depth and complexities were developed from the native microflora that was present on the local grape skins in which the beer was aged on for 18 months before being naturally conditioned in the bottle.

Blanc de Blancs will now be 'vintage' dated to represent the year in which the grapes were grown, just as a wine is. For this 2020 vintage, we accomplished our intentions in developing a true wine/beer hybrid. A beer in which the acidity represents that of the wine first and of the native culture second. We achieved the perfect level of oak to accentuate and elevate the character of the grapes and allowed the fruit to show through. More representative of a natural wine than of a sour beer, we are incredibly excited to share this new chapter of our brewing with you.

ABV: 10%

 You and/or a proxy will have 14 days from the time of purchase to pickup his beer.

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