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Achromatic Vibes - Shared / Weldwerks Collaboration

Achromatic Vibes is our collaboration with our friend Neil Fisher of WeldWerks Brewing Company in Greeley Colorado. As some of you may have seen almost 2 years ago, we brewed a Rye Imperial Stout with Neil and his team here in St. Louis to rest in oak and then one day infuse with Vanilla and Coconut. That BA beer was actually bottled last week!

As we have patiently waited for this BA beer to come to maturity, we have learned a lot about our process for non-BA stouts and adjunct infusions. This has allowed us to create some monster, non-BA stouts that we are truly proud of and still represent our quality in a shorter amount of time (Brooklyn Vibes - Coconut Vibes - and now Achromatic Vibes!).

So, we decided to take our recipe from 2 years ago, make some tiny tweaks which would better lend itself to non-barrel-aging, jam it full of as much raw and toasted coconut as Coconut Vibes and then finish it on Mexican and Ugandan Vanilla Beans. Achromatic Vibes was born and is now ready to share with you.  

Neil is one of the kindest and most genuine people we have met in this industry and we are honored to have brewed this beer with him and his team. This is the first of what I am sure will become a line of collaborations between our two breweries. We hope you enjoy this Rye Imperial Stout with Toasted and Raw Coconut and Mexican and Ugandan Vanilla Beans!

Inevit - Side Project / Jester King Collaboration

Inevit is our collaboration with our friends Jeff Stuffings of Jester King Brewery and Averie Swanson formally of Jester King and now of Keeping Together.
Almost 3 years ago, we attempted to harness the native microflora of our brewery location in St. Louis by brewing a coolship beer together. We wanted to explore a different recipe and some different processes in this batch to make this collaboration not only a learning experience, but also to try to create something truly unique, interesting, and most importantly - delicious.
We first started with a recipe of a red/brown Belgian-inspired beer and hopped with aged hops from the Jester King Farm. Almost every coolship beer we had heard of consisted of the traditional “lambic inspiration” of pilsner and unmalted wheat, so this red/brown beer recipe was far from the normal for a coolship beer. Also, our brewhouse is 20 barrels, and our coolship is only 10 barrels, so we sent half of the batch to the coolship, but the other half went to a clean tank and was inoculated with the native culture from the Jester King Farm located outside of Austin Texas.
After more than 2 years of a quiet, slow fermentation in French oak, we then racked the mature natively fermented red/brown beer to a Missouri Oak Foedre with a light addition of raspberries, blackberries and cherries to try to enhance, but not over-power, the delicate characteristics we had created over the extended time of aging and maturity.
We then bottle conditioned this beer for natural carbonation and have been waiting until it was ready to share with you.
Jeff and Averie are some of the best in the industry, we are so glad to call them friends and our mutual respect for the lovely spontaneous beers of Belgium were a great foundation for this progressive take on what a coolship recipe/beer can be.
These 2 beers will be released as a package on 9/22/20 and we will have “Proxy” packages for out-of-town lovers of our beers and “No Proxy” packages for our locals. Please take a look at our shop - - for how the release will go.
We want to once again thank all of you for reading this and for supporting the entire Side Project Team through these strange times. We cannot thank you for your support and we hope that you have enjoyed our new online-only model as we have had to make drastic changes over the last 6 months. We miss seeing each and every single one of you in our tasting rooms, enjoying our beers, and sharing your warm conversations.
We hope to see all of you again soon and once again - THANK YOU from the entire Side Project Team.
Brewing with Coconut